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Home mortgage financing has gotten incredibly complex and confusing, with a myriad of loan programs, document requirements, conditions and guidelines.  There are many different loan types available today, and trying to understand the differences between them can be confusing - FHA, VA, Conforming, Non-conforming, Jumbo, Agency jumbo, fixed rate, and adjustable rate.  Not to mention a variety of State and Local Housing programs.  Having been in the business for over 20 years, our Mortgage advisors and financing teams have seen it all, and they will help you navigate through the complex mortgage process. We have one of the most extensive lender networks, and based on your unique situation, we will find the best loan with the lowest rate and monthly payment.

Shop mortgage options and compare rates for FREE!  
Use our quick and easy tool to find out what you qualify for:

Will you need to borrow money for a down payment?  Click Here to see your options.

Are you a veteran or active duty military?

If you are a veteran or active duty military and looking to purchase your first home, check out our new VA program  This unique program gets you up to $5,000 of your closing costs covered as a gift from us for your service (along with a bunch of other great deals).  Only a few agents can offer this program, and we are one of those select groups.  We love and support our military members.
Even if you’re not purchasing until next year, your first step is signing up to reserve your funds (there’s no obligation or commitment, but your record is time stamped based on when you reserve your funds).

Click Here to get started!  You’ll need a code when you sign up. Use code CM1039\
Thank you for your service!

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